How Do We Respond To The Terror Attacks?

IslamicJihadWe speak the Truth.

It’s become a controversial thing, but it’s what’s needed.

We speak the Truth about what Islam teaches.

We explain what the Qur’an is and how it can’t be interpreted, but is the word of god for Muslims.

We describe how Muhammad behaved and what special status he has and why he has it.

We compare these things with other religions; particularly Judaism and Christianity.

We speak the Truth about the Crusades.

We speak the Truth, too, that not all Muslims follow these passages; that they are good, kind, integrated….

But lying about what Islam isn’t helping.

I’ve studied Islam at a post graduate level. When I first started to speak about it I avoided the difficult parts, the dangerous parts. However myself and others who had studied it would whisper in corners; I can’t believe what this religion actually teaches! I can’t believe that a man like Muhammad is so revered!

I’ve had conversations with good people who are Muslims who, I have no doubt, believe what they are trying to tell me – that the religion is a good, peaceable religion. That they are peaceable. When I ask them about Muhammad’s acts of war they respond with ‘the Crusades’. When I point out that these were in contrast to the teachings of Jesus, yet the violence committed in the name of Islam isn’t, they’ve been tongue tied. It was evident to me that the religion they were professing, that they believed in, wasn’t the one handed down from the prophet.  I have sympathy for them.

However, if we don’t start to speak the Truth how do we arm people against this dogma? If we leave a vacuum the likes of Jeremy Corbyn will fill it with the ‘evil’ of the West and grievance will meet an unformed religious dogma just at a time when those perfectly willing total about the Truth of Islam do so – powerfully.

This is why I’m starting to turn my attention to the Truth in this blog. We have tried to defeat this by turning away, shielding our eyes from the Truth, hoping for a different outcome. It’s not working. Telling the Truth is scary. I’ve had people with no knowledge of Islam walk out of the room, calling me a bigot, insisting Islam is a religion of peace, that I’m twisting the Truth, a racist. These people themselves have no knowledge of Islam, but insist they believe it is what they profess. This is dangerous.

It is dangerous because the same people are pushing for an immigration policy that would introduce to our society a culture that is not the same as ours, does not accept it, does not want to integrate and will use violence to gain what they want. 

Just because you believe something, even if you have the very best of intentions, doesn’t make it so. Evil isn’t just found in Daily Mail readers; but in every human. Mix the ability for humans to have the capacity for evil with an ideology that teaches superiority and there will be disaster.

It’s time to start speaking the Truth. I’d love it if you start to read my former posts and follow me.



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